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Our HSI®/ASHI® IDC (Instructor Development Course) is directed to individuals interested in teaching the following Level 1 (for lay responders) and Level 2 (for professional responders) courses under the HSI® (Health & Safety Institute®)  family of emergency care training brands (ASHI® - American Safety & Health Institute®, Medic First Aid® and EMS Safety™):

-Adult CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)
-Pediatric CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation)
-BLS (Basic Life Support)
-High-Performance CPR
-Adult BFA (Basic First Aid)
-Pediatric BFA (Basic First Aid)
-AFA (Advanced First Aid)
-WFA (Wilderness First Aid)
-BBP (Bloodborne Pathogens)
-O2 (Emergency Use of Medical Oxygen)
-EAI (Epinephrine Auto-Injector) Use
-SLTB (Stop Life-Threatening Bleeding)
-CABS (Child And Babysitting Safety)

Upon signing up, the participant receives access to the IDC on-line independent study portion and written exam. Once completed, our in-person training portion, led by our HSI® Instructor Trainer (4211666) takes place at our HSI® Approved Training Center (No. 4211663). Once the process has been completed and participants are fully cetified as Level 1 and 2 Emergency Care Instructors by HSI®, participants can start teaching any of the above mentioned courses under said brands.


-Possess current CPR (all ages), AED, BLS, O2, BFA (all ages), WFA, AFA, EAI, BBP certifications from an HSI® brand or take said courses (to renew certifications) through our HSI® Approved Training Center prior to starting IDC (paid separately). Or, possess current CPR (all ages), AED, BLS and First Aid Instructor certification from an accredited organization recognized by HSI® (for reciprocity and crossover option).

-Minimum age (18 years old).


Certifications offered:
-HSI®/ASHI®/MFA®/EMSS™ international certification card (c-card in English).
-GLC Aquatic Safety Dept. (international bilingual wall certificate).
-DC-3 form from STPS (only for Mexico).

HSI®/ASHI® Instructor Development Course

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